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Garlic Mustard Challenge in Ada | Community Spirit

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Garlic Mustard Challenge in Ada
Garlic Mustard Challenge in Ada
ADA, MI - The Ada Parks and Recreation Department is hosting the Garlic Mustard Challenge in Ada on May 14.  The challenge runs 10am - Noon at Ada Park and Seidman Park.  The goal is to pull as many garlic mustard plants as possible.   Garlic mustard is an invasive non-native plant.  The plant out-competes many tree seedlings and other native vegetation.  This invasive herb starts growing early in the spring, so it crowds out and eliminates native spring woodland plants.  It also releases chemicals that hinder the growth of other plant species.    Pulling the plants by hand is the simplest and most effective way to get rid of them.  When pulling the garlic mustard you need to remove the upper portion of the roots as well as the stem.  All pulled plants should be bagged and removed from the parks because seed ripening continues if the plants are pulled and left on the ground.  The seeds remain viable in the soil for up to five years.   For a free brochure about local invasive plants contact the parks office or visit http://www.naturenearby.org  For additional information, please email Mark Fitzpatrick, Parks & Recreation Director   or call the Parks Department Office Mondays through Thursday, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., except holidays at (616) 676-0520 .. 

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