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Urban Wildlife - Meet Doe-Boy | Environment

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Urban Wildlife - Meet Doe-Boy
Urban Wildlife - Meet Doe-Boy

Meet “Doe-Boy” and his Friends:

George’s favorite characters in our backyard drama “Urban Wildlife in Forest Hills” are “Doe-Boy” and his deer friends.

Doe-Boy loves to steal food from the bird feeder.  That’s him, or is it her, up on his/her hind legs.  Like the Pillsbury Doughboy, he warms our hearts with his antics.  Doe-Boy and his seven white tailed friends come and go all year round.

Doe-Boy is the only one in his herd that takes the food directly from the bird feeder.  The rest of them are content licking up the seeds from the ground. 

White tailed deer have taken up permanent residence in the wooded areas of Forest Hills and other suburban and urban neighborhoods.  They have lost their inhibitions of humans, and they don’t have to worry about hunters.  There is plenty of food from bird feeders to yummy gardens.

When we first moved into our home, I planted all sorts of flowers and bushes.  The deer loved my selection, so did the rabbits.  They even liked the plants on the “deer won’t eat list” that I got from a local nursery.  I gave up on the garden, so now George, my husband, and I watch the wildlife.

George is in awe of the deer.  He will jump at the window and bark at them. It’s like he’s saying “I’m here, so let’s go run around the neighborhood together.”  You see, George is a Border Collie mix and herding is in his genes.  What’s Doe-Boy’s reaction to George when he’s barking and clawing at the windows?  Doe-Boy and his friends stop eating, stare at George with those big beautiful brown eyes, and then go back to eating. They tolerate his barking when he’s in the house.  They seem to know he can’t get through the windows, so they simply ignore him.  This is very frustrating for George.  They want nothing to do with that black and white fur ball when he’s outside. Sometimes, they have a stare-down; George on the deck and the deer by the bird feeder.  As soon as George takes one foot off the deck, Doe-Boy and friends are gone.

Now that spring is here, we see less and less of Doe-Boy and his friends.  Food is plentiful in the woods of Forest Hills, so our focus moves on to other critters.  Next Sunday, we’ll introduce you to Tommy and Henrietta.

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