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Volunteers fixing home of Kent County couple whose daughter was murdered

ADA, Mich. (WZZM)-Some community members in Kent County are pitching in to help a couple whose daughter was murdered.

Julia Dawson was killed by her husband, Tim, in 2004. For years, her parents fought to gain custody of the couple's children. It was an expensive battle, so the Keenans haven't had money to fix up their home in Ada. That's why friends and volunteers are now trying to recruit others to help rebuild the house.

"The foundation has crumbled and they're working on replacing that now, and the roof caved in a few weeks ago in their kitchen," says volunteer organizer Dwin Dykema. "So my idea is well, if the big home makeover TV show won't come and do their makeover, then why don't we just all band together as a community and we'll do a community makeover. We can do that here."