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Free ID for Pets

Free ID for Pets

With statistics saying 90% of pets without identification may not be recovered for owners, Vicki’s Pet Connection & Bissell Pet Foundation are making it possible to provide FREE I.D. tags for pets. There is no purchase required and tags are made….while you wait!

Where: The Critter Cottage, located at 7205 Thornapple River Drive in Ada, Michigan 49301, Tuesday – Thursday from 10am-6pm and Friday – Saturday from 10am-3pm.

Visit www.vickyspetconnection.org or call: (616)682-4855 for more information.

Cascade Township reminder on dog etiquette

Cascade Township reminder on dog etiquette

by Rob Beahan, Cascade Township Supervisor

CASCADE, MI - With the warm weather upon us it will be wonderful to see even more people out enjoying the pathways and parks. A majority of dog walkers come prepared with the dogs on leashes and poop bags in hand and your cooperation is appreciated. Unfortunately there are some who either don’t know or don’t follow the etiquette of dog walking on the trails and in the parks. The two main rules to follow are:

1. Please keep your dog leashed at all times

2. Please clean up after your dog

Unleashed dogs can pose a potential threat to wildlife living in the parks in a number of ways:

  • Disturb the nests of ground nesting birds and mammals
  • Trample rare wildfl owers
  • Spread undesirable seeds throughout the park
  • Potentially injure and/or kill wildlife

Remember, this area has been set aside to preserve and protect the plants and animals found there.

Protect pets from warm weather hazards

Cascade Twp.,MI (WZZM)- People aren't the only one's enjoying the nice weather. Our furry friends also like being able to run around outside. But, with the nice weather, also comes extra pet care.

In Tucker's case, it landed the 2-year old Shetland Sheepdog a visit to Forest Hill's Veterinary Clinic. He has been vomiting and has diarrhea. "What happens after the thaw, is there are a lot of things out there for them to eat", says Dr. Stasiak. "So, a lot of times we treat that symptomatically. Usually within 24-hours it will get better."

Dr. Stasiak also reminded pet owners of the other ailments that come along with warm weather. "We've already seen pets with fleas and ticks."

Time to pick up the poop!

CASCADE TWP. (WZZM)- It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. We're talking about picking up after your dog. As WZZM 13's Sarah Sell found out, it's a year-round job that you don't have to do.

Just ask Dave Hunt. "A lot of people assume that people just don't want to pick up after their dog, but a lot of them are parents that both work, or they have small children."

Hunt is the owner of Doody Calls. On a visit Thursday morning in Cascade Township, he's picking up after a Jack Russell Terrier. It's actually one of his smaller jobs. "Would you say the bigger the dog, the bigger the job?. Absolutely, I can also tell you that when people feed their dog quality food. It holds it's shape and breaks down a certain way."

Bow-Wows and Brews Benefit

Bow-Wows and Brews Benefit

For Immediate Release

What:  3rd Annual Bow-Wows & Brews to benefit C-SNIP

When:  Feb 10 2012 


Where:  The Delta Plex          

               $35.00 in advance / $45.00 at the door                                               

Join C-SNIP February 10, 2012 at the Delta Plex for our 3rd  Annual Bow-Wows & Brews Event!   Bring your best friend(s) and enjoy craft beer tasting, live music, heavy hors d-oeuvres, raffles and auctions.&nb