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Virtual Education Offers Frequent Opportunities for Parent Engagement | Schools

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Virtual Education Offers Frequent Opportunities for Parent Engagement
Virtual Education Offers Frequent Opportunities for Parent Engagement

Parents want the best education for their children. Increased engagement with their child’s school gives them an opportunity to see that through. School choices continue to emerge, with online education thriving amongst families in the United States with a 58 percent increase in enrollment since 2010.

Great Lakes Cyber Academy is a tuition free school serving students in grades 6-12. As an online school, Great Lakes Cyber Academy allows local families from communities like city to learn from the comfort of their own homes, or wherever there is an internet connection. Enrollment numbers continue to increase with this learning model because of satisfaction with virtual education, the level of expertise through online institutions and the rigorous curriculum of the offered programs. One of the primary benefits of Great Lakes Cyber Academy is the level of parent engagement across all grade levels.

Unlike most schools, Great Lakes Cyber Academy offers regular biweekly phone calls between families and teachers. Teachers personally dedicate their time outside of lesson plans to call and check up on families, allowing the parents and guardians a chance to ask questions, or address any concerns. In the 2015-2016 Great Lakes Cyber Academy Parent Satisfaction Survey, 96 percent of parents said they were satisfied with the helpfulness of their child’s teachers.

92 percent of parents reported that the teachers improved their child’s learning experience through regular response times. Instead of rare parent-teacher conferences that only occur once or twice a year in other schools, families of Great Lakes Cyber Academy are welcome to build relationships with teachers through more frequent interaction.

“We rely on the participation of our parent’s in their child’s education – it’s that partnership that helps us reach our mission of maximizing student potential,” said Heather Ballien, principal of Great Lakes Cyber Academy. “Our personalized approach to learning allows us to partner with all the key players in the success of our student’s education. We continue to value our parent’s partnership and welcome their support and input.”

Parent engagement persists as an important factor when choosing a school. To learn more about online education and whether it may be a good fit for your family, attend an information session in-person or online. For more information, visit www.XXconnectionsacademy.com


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